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    The rapid development of coating industry

    Thirty years of reform and opening up is China's coating industry, from small to big, from weak to strong three decades. Is a "small, multiple, mixed, indiscriminate," a small workshop, guerrillas, becomes increasingly specialized, and regularization process. It is thirty years of independent innovation of China's coating industry, continues to advance the hard work out of doors to the world three decades. Especially after 1998, China's coating industry has made considerable progress, in order to accounts of this unusual journey, I hope this article can be spit out of our generation painting people's thoughts and the record of people of our generation coating action trajectory.


        1. China's coating industry is beginning to have the right to choose, the right to speak, pricing

        1. The right to choose

        China's enterprises began painting with the right projects the right to choose

        Painting projects over the last few non-standard items take a lot of paint companies can be described as "far from adequate", coupled with its relatively low technological level, so once found an item, they will swarm in, in order to survive and the development of the industry as "grab eat" phenomenon.

        By 1998, after I first heard that our coating business, dare the contract on the project, for those bad credit, payment is not timely, even need to advance the business, say a "no", We are busy and can not undertake your project, such as abundance, Willow Creek, Holley and other units, this time in the project contract, has already had their own "right to choose."

        2. Voice and pricing

        In the past for large projects, high-end projects, particularly in large automobile coating line, almost Germany's pre-eminence. At this time China's enterprises have already started to paint with Toure playing the "strike" toward cooperation; even go to contend. Dole projects in China's automotive painting-dominated world, began to slowly be broken.

        2-1. Okinobu (Beijing) spray electromechanical equipment, in January 1998 contracted the FAW-Volkswagen's "10-color paint for the three solvents central equipment", "plate paint temperature control system", "low-charge of the circulatory system pipeline project" 1999, became the first annual production of 100,000 cars over the line PCS provider. Hafei cars for the first set of domestic suppliers to provide automatic vehicle windshield adhesive system.

        2-2. Affluence in the Willow Creek Company and other units independently contracted large automobile wheel hub, parts and components. Motorcycle assembly line, etc.


        Such as the Willow Creek Day cards bear the Guangzhou Asahi aluminum casting company's aluminum wheel coating production lines. Constant Changchun auto giant aluminum coating line aluminum wheels clean, Chongqing Changjiang River Cinda shell assembly of the axle painting lines. China's coating industry, achieved by the "sub-contractors - cooperation - the total package all or none" the transformation of the turnover realized on a project by "hundreds of thousands - millions - tens of millions of" change. Abundant company's annual sales jumped more than "six million", Willow Creek's annual sales have broken the "three million" in sales, achieving a "million" breakthrough. Only when our coating business in the Project on the mastered the "initiative" With the "right to speak" and "pricing", we can achieve the "100 million" breakthrough. There are manufacturers like this, "the letter-hing," "707" "Holley" and so on.

        3. Foreign contracted projects abroad Painting

        Our painting company, after two decades of refinement, technology, processing capacity, and other aspects of the great improvements, some of our businesses have sufficient capacity to open up foreign markets.

        3-1. Tianjin, 707 high-tech companies, from 1986, after more than 200 domestic and foreign customers with more than 300 coating production lines.

        Domestic large-scale customers are Haier Group, Midea Group, Gree Group, the new fly Group.

        Large-scale foreign customers: Siemens, Flexronics, MTD and so on. They are carefully to provide high-quality, energy saving, environmentally friendly products, has been recognized at home and abroad customers.

        3-2. Willow Creek coating equipment not only customers in the country has been recognized in recent years their business has expanded to Japan, South Korea, Russia, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Tanzania and other countries and regions.

        . Localization of consciousness, strengthening

        We have spent twenty years to complete equipment by the foreign brands - generic - their own production of non-standard equipment - to provide customers with complete design, manufacture and implementation of the changes, so an all-round, full-service model is that we coating industry, a big step forward.

        1. Okinobu agents from foreign products to be able for the automotive vehicle factory paint shop sealant delivery system for the Sizing System ... ... able to design their own equipment with independent intellectual property rights bend automated facilities.

        2. Affluence in providing customers with "robot Transfer switch link", "gas burning and the use of environmentally friendly energy-saving heat recovery equipment", "multi-layered curtain-style spray room" and so on. "And the people friendly and environment-friendly" new products and to achieve greater energy-saving breakthroughs.

        3. Sony light, wide stretch of electronic information industry companies to provide a dust-free automatic coating line, but also well received by customers.

        . To strengthen the construction of hardware facilities

        1. Affluence company's existing factory area of 14 million square meters, 1,800 people serving staff, with manufacture of non-standard equipment, various equipment and instrumentation. The current annual production capacity of more than 150 sets of large complete sets of equipment capacity.

        2. Willow Creek company in Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Anhui, which has a three manufacturing and processing bases and two R & D centers. Currently has production sites over 70,000 square meters, staff 700 people, more than 80 professional engineers.

        3. Okinobu in the establishment of 3,500 square meters of industrial plants, the essential has been actively improved the paint testing instruments and laboratories. In October 2002 set up its own dedicated robotic spray application of laboratory for the design and construction provides a reliable experimental data. In 2003 became the first master the robot chassis skirts glue technology, domestic suppliers.

        4.707 High-tech Co., Ltd., Tianjin Development Zone in 2006 built a large-scale (industrial plant 16,000 square meters, office facilities, 6,500 square meters) well-equipped (and more than 100 sets of large-scale equipment) advanced industrial plants, for self-designed, processing of large-scale coating line and laid a solid foundation. Current annual design, processing of large and medium coating production lines up to 50 sets.

    The above examples are not hard to see China's coating industry in the advanced technology from abroad to study at the same time, in the digest, understand foreign products and production lines on the basis of the characteristics, through independent innovation, so that China's coating industry occurred from "quantitative" to " a qualitative change "in tremendous changes.

        . Patent-oriented reporting and industry standard-setting.

        Where people are deeply engaged in business to understand: "a class of companies engaging in standard, second-class enterprises have brands, three categories of enterprises selling products" truth. In the three decades of reform and opening up, our coating industry entrepreneurs, for its own development, but also turned to the "standard setting" and "patent" to declare the work. To make their own independent intellectual property rights of enterprises and in the industry, the "right to speak."

        1. Okinobu completed in 2005 in the mechanical industry standard JB/T10536-2005 "coating paint system technology for the conditions" all the work. National Development and Reform Commission officially released on 2005.9.23, February 1, 2006 implementation. This is the security of the material from Wuhan material spraying with a letter-hing, mechanical and electrical equipment (Beijing) jointly completed by the National Non-metallic coating of metal and Standards Board, an industry focal point of the recommended standard.

        2. Zhejiang Ming-chuen, Holley, and other units to actively participate in the national production safety coating operations sub-committee for standardization in the work of the Technical Committee in recent years, the joint efforts of relevant experts across the country, has completed a number of the paint, coating, etc. Security the formulation of laws and regulations.

        3. Abundant variety of companies over the years to actively apply for more than 40 items of national patents in recent years, the patent declared a "spray-type pre-processing" (200,720,057,675.5) "Multi-curtain spray room" (200,710,030,536.8) "conveyor belt synchronization control system" (200720053424.X) "gas burning and heat use eco-energy saving equipment" (200,810,025,970.1) The project will also be the focus of new products in Guangdong.

        In addition, "three-axis auto-targeting gun rack" projects have been state-level key new products.

        "Mobile shell spray system," state-level Torch Program projects for the new product

        4. Willow Creek since 2006, the company also applied for a number of invention patents, such as "a machine colorful cathodic electrophoretic coating production line" (200,810,216,856.7) "Flexible Step cathode electrophoresis equipment" (200,820,212,691.1) "Special Transportation Equipment Painting," (200,620,014,532.1)

        5. Tianjin seven high-tech company has also applied for the "adjustable direct-fired heating system," "hanging chain, multi-drive synchronization controller", "energy-saving flue gas condenser," "high efficiency oil-water separator" and other four countries patents.

        . Enhance brand awareness

        "Integrity" "innovation" "quality and considerate service", "to provide customers with better, newer and more clean green products in line with requirements of the times" is the key to business to create their own brand names.

        1. Strengthen the pre-sale, after-sales service to allow customers to really feel that they have received a higher "satisfaction value." Pre-sales to provide customers with detailed technical and thoughtful advice on sale for customers of full-time personnel to provide the necessary technical training, do hand over the post-sale technical service and regular return visits. When the equipment and pipeline failures, request help, a lot of units issued for the scene within 24 hours of commitment. Allows customers to buy was the "Heart", the word "ease", out of the failure also "at ease", the customer's "three hearts" so manufacturers gained a reputation and word of mouth. So that businesses and customers Painting has established a good relationship, enhance the friendship, strengthen cooperation, and further projects, the customer will think of you.

        2. Unique professional service-oriented model, with action moving customers, started their own labels.

        Many paint companies have established offices in China and service organizations, and a sound marketing network, professional services allow customers to really feel in their side.

        In accordance with the needs of their clients to develop a scientific, precise specialization and standardization of the service models. Pre-sale not only to provide technical advice to customers, but also put forward various schemes and advanced on the technological process, as well as cost-effective, so that customers have a basic understanding of the different options, which determine the process of customer programs and have a clear investment objectives.

        In the project design, manufacture, package and installation; on-site commissioning, technical training and after-sales service of the various elements of the organic combination of (our coating business to business already has the connotation of the brand more in-depth understanding). In the brand-building convinces customers felt "good faith" "innovation" (able to provide customers with the best new products the latest and most inexpensive), and high-quality, thoughtful service spirit of the team. For customers to create more added value has been appreciated by customers.

        Unique professional service model, moved by God, with their own practical action, won the customer's reputation and recognition, (they make their own works and performance of each one can establish for themselves an immortal monument, in order to own team to create a loud, credible brand.


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