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    China's environmental protection factory paint shop big Jie Mi

    Today a growing number of automobile factory into a "green factory" in the ranks of "green factory" water fish, "zero emissions", "garden-style factory" concepts such as the size of the newspapers from time to time be seen as an important vehicle production links, paint shop in the car factory is self-evident ... ... widely used in automobile manufacturing enterprises are also a range of environmentally friendly coating technology, the adoption of water-soluble coating, coating of organic waste gas treatment, advanced shop management ... ... HC surface processing network has also been repeatedly organized the "Chinese Painting Workshop" activities, visited Beijing Hyundai Motor plant, BYD paint shop and so on.

       In May of this year, BYD Auto Painting Workshop, Xi'an factory fire, nine people were poisoned and hospitalized, factory manager claimed that his shop have been carefully designed to a certain extent suppressed the fire. Visible, paint shop safety and environmental protection are equally important. Today, Xiaobian bring you list of China's most environmentally friendly car factory paint shop, let's take a look at the auto plant's efforts to protect the environment!

        * Beijing Hyundai: garden-like green plant


                        Use of environmentally friendly water-based paint technology Beijing Modern Painting Workshop

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    HC Surface Treatment Network visit the paint shop line of automobile production base in Beijing

       Environmental brilliant idea: using lead-free paint shop, Wuxi electrophoretic paint, zero-emission spillover bridge U-oven, bridge U-oven can reduce VOC emissions by over 50%. Painting workshop chosen thermal efficiency can be increased 3%, VOC treatment efficiency could reach 98% of advanced emission incinerator plant. As the use of lead-free, Wuxi high penetration rate of electrophoretic paint swimming can improve the body and the internal cavity at the bottom of swimming penetration rate, anti-rust period extended from 10 years to 12 years, and more environmentally friendly. The second plant energy consumption of 900kw / h, the noise is less than 82 dB.

        Paint shop equipment to ensure the quality of environmental protection has always been in the automotive business climate index, the main assessment indicator of the second Beijing Hyundai plant paint shop applications from a technical point of view, first of all, using lead-free, Wuxi electrophoretic paint; Secondly, the application of the realization of U-bridge zero-spill gas oven; again, U-bridge-soluble formulations used in the oven, bottom paint, make VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions reduced by 50% or more; and finally, painting workshop chosen thermal efficiency can be increased 3%, VOC treatment efficiency could reach 98% of advanced emission incinerator plant.

        Guangqi Toyota: build China's environmental protection NO.1 Factory


    Toyota, Guangzhou Automobile 11 million yuan with the world's leading "Concentrate Recovery" technology surface treatment of nets with Figure HC

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        Environmental brilliant idea: Guangqi Toyota systematic and comprehensive solution to wastewater recycling, reducing energy consumption, emissions of volatile organic gases control, exhaust emissions and waste recycling and a series of major environmental issues. Toyota, Guangzhou Auto to spend 11 million yuan, the first time the world's leading "Concentrate Recovery" technology, which is the world's first use of this new technology, automobile industry.

        Toyota's second plant wide steam plant are imported several Toyota the world's most advanced technology. Vehicle production is divided into four workshops: press shop equipped with the world's leading servo press, labor productivity increased by 20% or more. At the same time the noise was reduced further to 85 dB below, known as "the world's quietest of the press." Welding shop into Toyota's latest line of GBL, the degree of automation as high as 47.6%. Painting Workshop by the widespread use of "water-based paint," the world's leading workshop of the VOC indicators have reached the world's lowest emission standards. Assembly plant into an innovative "SPS system" (fine parts sorting system).

     Shanghai Volkswagen Automobile Co., Ltd.

        Environmental brilliant idea: to abandon its domestic enterprises generally use the hexavalent chromium passivation materials before the body paint pretreatment method, using an advanced non-chromium passivation process, thus avoiding the toxic hexavalent chromium to the plant air pollution; in order to painting in the process of controlling environmental pollution, Shanghai Volkswagen paint the existing five lanes of the introduction of new technology, so that the emissions generated by the process of painting can be carried out through a special focus on the collector, enhancing the environmental friendliness of the production process.

        Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Plant Plant raised LAVIDA Long Yat paint production line technical standards, using environmentally friendly lead-free cathodic electrophoresis, Wuxi, automatic robot seal technology, ostrich hair and ion wind dusting equipment, automatic spray painting robot technology .

        Dongfeng Honda: "Green Factory"


    Dongfeng Honda

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        Environmental brilliant idea: In addition to the production of the Product Assurance reached the Euro IV standard fuel-efficient energy-saving things, in production, the company uses more than half of the sewage treatment plant purification of industrial waste water, purified water not only met the standard green and clean, and even can also be used to keep goldfish.

        As the second car using water-based paint company, Dongfeng Honda to reduce emissions of harmful substances of Qi Cheng; friction transmission chain to reduce power consumption by 65% noise reduction 20%; extensive use of robotic devices supporting the production line will increase labor productivity 10 times; use of the roof coating technology allows the indoor temperature dropped 3%. Through the use of water-borne coatings to reduce wear and tear makes the color change of harmful substances VOC emissions decreased by 86.4%; the introduction of the world's advanced friction wheel conveyor technology, electrical energy than conventional chain-type decreased by 50%, the noise dropped by 30%; industrial wastewater treatment you can fish in the water cycle utilization rate of 61%. Dongfeng Honda million in added value of energy consumption of 0.0435 tons of standard coal, COD emissions of 21.3 tons / year.

        North Sheng Auto: Build "Green Factory"

        Environmental brilliant idea: the first time assembly plant in the country turns skateboard and take advantage of digital-analog scheduling process; paint shop to introduce the most advanced environment-friendly paint process and they are all using the water-soluble paint, a Northeast sole application of this green technology the paint shop. Due to extensive use of robots, workers were also able to be more safe and healthy environment for the conduct monitoring and management.

        Guangzhou Auto Honda: The real zero-emission green plant


    Guangzhou Honda's new plant paint shop

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       Environmental brilliant idea: Guangzhou Automobile Honda Zengcheng factory coating production line is the first production line using one of the water-based coating. The assembly workshop and vehicle testing line to follow to import a car exhaust pumping systems, vehicle exhaust directly to the collection, the introduction of advanced welding shop smoke dust device to collect welding fume filter, both inside and outside the workshop to ensure good air quality as a whole, creating a comfortable working environment. Guangzhou Automobile Factory Honda Zengcheng no external outfall, sewage and industrial waste water through the sewage treatment station of the pre-treatment, physico-chemical treatment, biological treatment, filtration and depth of the five stages of dealing with the handling of the implementation of 100% recycled re-use, achieved sewage "zero discharge."


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