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    Mobile coatings market development of new technology and its application status

    With the accelerating pace of life, cell phones in people's daily life has served as an indispensable role. According to the statistics show that China's mobile phone output reached 170 million, and its market scale is still expanding trend.

        As the demand for the mobile phone market diversification, personalization, user-friendly, health-oriented and functional, mobile phone shell decorated to become a major selling point, while the paint in the role of mobile phone shell attention. The mobile phone production enterprises, especially the brand-name companies are all scrambling to keep on to paint for the eye-catching cover new technologies.

        These handsets paint new technologies are:

        Shell antibacterial coating: From July 2004 onwards, TCL's launch of mobile products imported from Japan used in all UV-green anti-bacterial coating. The coating on the surface of Staphylococcus aureus cell phone, Escherichia coli bacteria to kill harmful micro-organisms and inhibit the growth played a role, be able to always maintain a clean and hygienic surface of the phone.

        Keyboard photocatalyst coating: the company recently launched an anti-bacterial BenQ S680C mobile phone. Mobile phone keypad surface coating a layer of uniform nano-photocatalyst coating, it can strongly attached to its surface to kill a variety of harmful bacteria, but also decomposition of volatile toxic gases, reduce bacterial contact, as for the keyboard plus a layer of protective film.

        Reflective roof coatings: CEC CLP Group's "CECe2800 Tibet Mirror Dragon" mobile phone in the skylight covered by a layer of reflective paint at making in standby mode can serve as a good side of a small mirror Chou Chou's own Huarong Xiao Mao.


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