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    To talk about painting the standardization trend in the field of safety in production
    History into the 21st century, China's economic development has entered the international economic fast lane. Global economic integration and large-scale production of modern industrial production and management of the security of our country put forward new demands. Shiliu Da Party to submit a comprehensive goal of building a moderately prosperous society, and requires further into more perfect socialist market economic system, but also made a push for overall social development and the strategic plan for building a harmonious society, including the establishment of a complete, production of effective security, public safety security system. "Safety first, prevention first" and achieve effective regulation of safety in production is the work of production safety supervision and management of long-term policy. Modern safety management is bound to in-depth company's production operations and quality management systems, the formation of an enterprise from the government's macro-regulation to micro-manage the intensive management network. However, the macro-regulation and micro-management of the boundaries of objective reality, therefore, management objectives of the requirements and convergence is very important, whether business or government administration, and occupational safety and health standards relating to working more important. From the current goal of safe production supervision and management of view, main duties include: First, identification, screening major hazard sources; second is to carry out major construction projects (engineering) the safety of pre-assessment, acceptance evaluation, as well as the risk of a variety of special safety production enterprises evaluation; three of dangerous chemicals, production, management, storage, transport registration, registration; 4 is to promote foreign advanced management experience, including safety and quality of various sectors to promote standardization and to authenticate the employing unit to develop an occupational safety and health management system and so on. Governments at all levels in accordance with national laws and regulations on the production and construction principles, implementation of the policy is clearly inseparable from the technical regulations and technical standards for their support. Overall, the technical specifications and technical standards is safe production of one of the main work base. The goal is to monitor the safety of production safety supervision and management according to law, we must improve the technical regulations, standards as technical support. Hazard identification is based on the criteria, various types of safety evaluation requires a lot of reference to technical standards; dangerous chemicals production, management, storage, transport management, from the classification, labeling to a variety of necessary instructions require standardization; and the establishment of vocational safety and health management system, but also the implementation of the standard process. As for the security checks, monitoring, inspection, monitoring, inspection, and so the work carried out, of course, inseparable from the security of technical standards. The past 50 years, China's labor protection, safety production management and monitoring, monitoring system, after several adjustments, major changes are five times: 1949 ~ 1969, The People's Republic of China was founded, in charge of the Central People's Government on the establishment of National Safety Production Affairs, Ministry of Labor; in 1970, the Cultural Revolution abolished the Ministry of Labor, just inside the Labor Bureau in the State Planning Commission to take over security of production; the Cultural Revolution in 1975, the latter part of the national economy require "restoration, rectification," in order to strengthen the labor work, restoration standardized management, but also to rebuild state bureau of labor; in 1982 to streamline the administrative body, in turn the national production safety, labor job centralized National Labor Ministry of Personnel, is actually from the inside of the labor protection bureau, the Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, the boiler pressure Vessel Safety Supervision Bureau are responsible for, was established in 1985 by the National Safety Council is responsible for coordinating the production. Is the fifth major changes started in 1998, reform of government institutions, first in the State Economic and Trade Commission inside the Safe Production Supervision Administration, but also independent and the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau Offices, establishment of the National Safe Production Supervision Administration, part of the and security of production-related matters, such as occupational health, worker protection, work injury insurance, pressure vessels, special equipment, etc. Services were centralized Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Security, Quality and Technical Supervision and so on. The State Production Safety Supervision and management system for each change, would give a significant impact on production safety work, from the liberation to the Cultural Revolution 20 years, major work based on the establishment of a socialist planned economy, the country's labor safety system focused on the establishment of production safety laws and regulations. During the Cultural Revolution, with the destruction of production order, production at a standstill, maintaining status, safety aspects of the work has been destroyed, late recovery, the restructuring efforts, can only be in shambles. Into the 80's, the national production safety management system into the normal stage of development, because at that time of national economic and technological strength is limited, the state labor safety department of energy to a few degrees to adjust financial and material resources, centralized secure the limited resources, to organize a nationwide technical strength, a "85" "95" key issues technical breakthrough, and in this period has set up a "dust explosion-proof National Standardization Technical Committee" "
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