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    I congratulate the company by China Machinery Industry Technology technological progress third prize
    November 24, 2009, the Chinese branch of Surface Engineering Coating Association annual meeting in Xiamen city, was issued by the China Machinery Industry Federation, China Mechanical Engineering Society named the "China Machinery Industry Technology and Technology Progress Award" and the Chinese surface Engineering Society Chapter coating selected as "Outstanding Project Award for Painting," the company declared to the organization's "energy-efficient environmentally friendly coating production line" project, a number of meetings of experts by the authoritative review by China Machinery Industry Technology technological progress third prize "Auto Zero parts coating production line "won the Best Coating Engineering Prize;
        This allows the company's award-winning R & D and technology center staff encouraged and very excited that this award-winning company will redouble its efforts to increase investment, to further unite and inspire the innovative vitality of scientific research personnel, and strive to continue to make breakthroughs in the field of independent innovation, won more to the more fruit. At the same time we must continue to become stronger and bigger to take the lead, radiation effects. The company's future will further enhance the awareness of independent innovation, further strengthening the product development efforts and continue to walk the road of scientific and technological innovation, advances in science and technology to achieve even greater results.
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